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“Away from the extremely well-trodden paths”

Try something different to live a quality life

The subject matter: a totally new approach to life.

An active way of life never offered before and open to all. Respects the individual.

Why have we got to this stage? To these beliefs? To spirituality? To unending intellectual analyses? To childish materialism? To accumulating knowledge ‘just in case’?

At what moment did we go off course, heading towards these pale imitations of life?

And why has that chatterbox in our heads now started to lull our senses to sleep and generate this fear?

Is it possible to go back to where it all started? A simple, full life with a calm mind which serves us well?

Yes, because it is as natural as seeing or breathing. Do you use a particular method or knowledge to see and breathe naturally all day long?

We have the answers. The moment to put it all into action has just arrived.

Thus begins a dialogue with life, resulting in vigilance devoid of concerns. But that… is another story.


There are some trains you just can’t miss. They come by only once in life. That’s what I thought, as a publisher, when I came across Christophe Yann’s travel diaries. Immediately, I was like an old-time prospector discovering nuggets of gold. I have had the privilege of mining this rich vein, publishing a few of Christophe’s gold nuggets, and offering them to you as a gift. Christophe helps us discover the royal way to self-knowledge, the school of life that we never should have dropped out of. Because it puts the entire world on the same equal footing, regardless of sex, social status, race, or education. Accept the author’s invitation to get out of the misfortune of not ever truly knowing yourself.

The Publisher

I received a very clear message after my horrible accident and near-death experience: “Your balanced life will help them to understand that liberation does not depend on external renunciations, but just on the acceptance of the game of life.” My various works have had some success, but that is nothing compared to the pleasure of this first translation in the land of my heart. Thank you for that.

The Author


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